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Walking Tours in Istanbul
Most Impressive Series of Walking Tours in Istanbul: Private or Small Group Shared (Maximum 6). Small is beautiful and everyone gets the vital individual attention.
istanbul guides
Off the beaten track Istanbul with dark turn offs, streets full of character and buildings steeped in history. We are story telling travel companions not just regular guides.
Highlights of Istanbul
Our Highlights of Istanbul itinerary is the hottest ticket in town! We don’t sell an itinerary, we tell a story.
Istanbul Kitchen, Turkish Food ,
Oh La La! Istanbul Kitchen Join us for our hands-on cooking classes and culinary adventures in one of Istanbul’s most beautiful and authentic small districts.
Istanbul Sultanahmet
Shore Excursions: Make the most of your short stay with the most informed and passionate walking guides in the city. We are the leaders of life enriching and truly exceptional walking tours in Istanbul.
Culinary Walks, Turkish Kebab

Culinary Walks: Everything that you can ask from a food destination. We’ll show you how to drink proper Turkish tea and why baklava belongs to Turks not to Greeks (Yes) and what’s in a kebab.

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Gallipoli 2015: Paying our respects at 100 years. If you’re planning to visit Turkey to commemorate this important milestone, we can help you with planning. There are a range of alternatives we can offer all throughout the year in Gallipoli and Istanbul. Let us know.

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